Hsais has management systems in place to ensure that all potential health and safety hazards associated with its activities are identified and assessed and that appropriate countermeasures are implemented. Put simply, Hsais realizes that protecting the health of its workforce is good for its business. Obviously, employees who are ill, experiencing discomfort or otherwise incapacitated will be unable to satisfactorily perform their jobs.

By keeping its staff and contractors in harmony, the Company also improves their morale. A fit and healthy workforce thus provides the solid base from which the Company can meet its performance targets. In addition, a good health and safety management system is the best way for the Company to guard itself against undue legal compensation claims and medical-insurance costs. Finally, the Company takes measures to safeguard the health of its workforce because it values its reputation for being a caring and fair employer.

Our efforts in this area are demonstrated by our Total Recordable illnesses Frequency records shows that the company has seen a great improvement over the past years in the total recordable occupational illnesses per million man hours.

To promote health and fitness, Hsais arranges Health Awareness Campaigns on a variety of topics, Sports facilities are also provided in all Hsais locations, giving employees opportunities to engage in a variety of fitness-improving activities.


(The safety of our employees at work is a core value of Hsais).

(No other business objective has higher priority).

Hsais recognizes that safety is beneficial to the employee, the family, the community, the customer and the company.

Hsais is therefore committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and requires that safety should not be compromised for any other business priority. We expect companies providing services to Hsais to have the same high standards of safety and health as we do.

It is the responsibility of the company to provide the facilities, equipment, tools, procedures, safety programs and training for employees to work injury free. It is the responsibility of each employee to work safely for the benefit of the individual as well as co–workers.

This responsibility includes following appropriate safety rules and planning each work activity using appropriate risk, assessment, good judgment and skills, along with a sincere dedication to work safety.

Employees should not start work until they understand what is to be done and how to do it safety. They are all expected to be engaged in the company’s safety management process. Engagement’s includes communicating with all the parties involved about safety–related behaviors and conditions, and bringing to management’s attention those issues which require their involvement and support.

All employees in leadership positions are responsible for deploying and actively supporting the company’s overall safety program .Included in this responsibility are monitoring and enforcing the use of safe working practices and safety rules.

And all of us, through our leadership, commitment and engagement must accept the challenge to work safely and actively to pursue injury and illness prevention. Our employees, business partners, community and customers will all benefit.

Hsais encourages all employees to carry this strong health and safety value beyond the workplace all of their activities.


Hsais is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, so that future generations of Sudanese can enjoy the natural resources. In addition, Hsais has learned that improving its environmental perform-once often also improves the efficiency of its operations.

We have taken on this enormous responsibility itself to continuously improve its performance in this regard. Some of the company has implemented to this end are:

  • Environmental impact assessments to anticipate-and if possible prevent- environmental damage due to project-related activities even before a project has been initiated.
  • A huge collection, storage and treatment infrastructure to manage the solid, liquid and gaseous wastes produced from Hsais
  • The professionalism of technical-support staff specializing in environmental issues.

Planning and review of the Company’s environmental performance is carried on a regular basis, and compliance with its environmental management system is enforced. The company is also organizes workshops for its staff and contractors on environmental auditing, operating in sensitive environments and conducting of environmental impact assessments.

At Hsais, we value the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers, the communities in which we operate and the environment. We are committed to responsible management practices that minimize any adverse health, safety or environmental impacts arising from our activities, products or services.

We have in place a Health, Safety and Environmental management system for all our activities that drives continual improvement.

The HSE Management System outlines HSE accountabilities to implement this Policy and requires that we:

  • Identify and manage risks to as low as reasonably practicable where they have the potential to cause an accident, injury or illness to people, or unacceptable impacts on the environment or the community.
  • Provide safe work places and systems of work, empower employees and contractors to address unsafe or if hazardous situations and carry out their work in a manner that does not present a risk to themselves, others or the environment.
  • Support the recovery and rehabilitation of employees in the event of work related injury or illness.
  • Set objectives and targets which promote the efficient use of energy and resources, the minimization of wastes and emissions and the prevention of pollution.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant HSE legal requirements and other commitments.
  • Require Contractors to manage HSE using standards and practices that accord with this Policy.
  • Regularly review and report HSE performance.
  • Management shall be accountable for the implementation of the HSE Policy. All Hsais employees and contractors shall strictly comply with it.